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Winter Jeep 4×4 Safari in Central Greece

Highlights: Athens – Arachova – Delphi – Vardoussia & Oeti mountains – Karpenisi – Kaliakouda Chelidona mountains – Panta Vrexi gorge – Prousos Monastery – East Agrafa to Plastyra Lake – Meteora – Pelion

8 days / 7 nights

Day 1

Athens – Arachova – Delphi

Arrival in Athens. Pick up the Jeeps and drive from Athens to Arachova, Delphi. Guided visit the archaeological site and museum. Then drive to Galaxidi and overnight at Galaxidi or nearby villages. There will be a general theoretical information about driving a four-wheel drive car and notes will be given.

SOIL – 0.km; ASPHALT – 230.km

Day 2

Vardoussia and Oeti mountains –  Karpenisi

Morning drive to Elatou and taking dirt road we arrive to Tristeno. Following the route through dense forests of pine and oak trees, we cross Vardoussia mountain (2,000 m), with breathtaking views and National park of Oeti mountain, perhaps the most beautiful mountain in Greece, we stop for our picnic at Greveno mountain area. There also we’ll have practice in off road driving with the help of our experienced guide and road book driving. We continue our route, the landscape changes from alpine meadows to plateaus and steep slopes that take your breath away and we end up in Karpenisi for overnight. This night we’ll eat in a tavern with Greek food and music.

SOIL – 86.km; ASPHALT – 103.km

Day 3

Crossing Kaliakouda Chelidona mountains –  Panta Vrexi gorge – Proussos Monastery

We drive south on the slopes of Mount Kaliakouda, a ride through beautiful forests and vertical cliffs. We cross Krikellopotamos river and we stop at “Panta Vrexi = Always Raining” gorge for a walk. Following the spoil road again and passing the canyon of Mavri Spilia we arrive to Proussos Monastery. A 9th century monastery with the miraculous icon of Lady Mary. Later and after a short stop at allantopoieio Stremmenou to test the famous prosciutto and following up the dirt road north we enjoy spectacular views of Lake Kremaston. Then with driving parallel to the Karpenisioti river we arrive to Karpenisi for overnight.

SOIL – 69.km;  ASPHALT – 78.km

Day 4

Crossing East Agrafa to Plastyras Lake

We start our day from Koryschades. We pass the iron Bridge of Tavropos and moving west we reach the Monastery of Sotira for a short stop in the beautiful with stone bridges and plane tree forest. Then we continue our route admiring the scenery of Kremaston lake and descending towards Tavropos river will see the submerged (depending of season) stone arch bridge of Manolis (1659). Then driving parallel to the river Agrafioti and follow the dirt road through the  trees and steep slopes we arrive to the church of the Archangels built in 1592. Then we reach Agrafa village with its century and more plane trees and cold water fountains. From Agrafa we continue again with dirt road in a magical journey to the forest village Dryades and from there to the dam of Plastira Lake. We continue the road  with panoramic views  of lake and we end up at Plastyras lake villages for overnight.

SOIL –  82.km;  ASPHALT – 74 km

Day 5

Plastyras Lake to Meteora

We continue our tour driving  north, We take a diverge of 5 km dirt road to see the two arch stone bridge. Then we continue north to Mouzaki. We pass the stone bridge of Portas and moving north on a beautiful track  having in our right the imposing presence of Mount Koziakas we arrive  early noon to Meteora for overnight at  Kalabaka.

SOIL – 19.km; ASPHALT – 66.km

Day 6

Meteora Monasteries visit – Chania Pelio

Guided visit of two monasteries and post up Meteora – Volos 150 km. From Volos we go to Portaria, for a short stop and coffee then we continue our trip to Hania, in a landscape surrounded by strong natural wealth, such as beech and chestnut, ivy wrapped in all sorts of trees. Hania overnight.

SOIL0.km; ASPHALT – 172.km

Day 7

Hania – Central and Aegean side Pelio

This morning we explore the mountain of Centaurus. From Hania By getting dirt / asphalt  roads we cross central Pelio, we pass Makrirachi and descending to the villages of the Aegean Sea we reach Zagora and Chorefto. Then with dirt / asphalt road driving we reach the sea side village  St. John where we’ll swim in the clear blue waters of Aegean sea. St John overnight.

SOIL – 28.km; ASPHALT – 34.km

Day 8

St. John – Pelio Pagasitikos Gulf side – Volos – Athens  

This morning we start our trip back to Athens by getting dirt / asphalt roads towards Pagasitikos Pelio side and by passing various traditional villages we arrive to Volos, where we stop for a tsipouro (only one!) and some shopping. In the afternoon we take the way back to Athens and after a short stop at Thermopiles, Leonidas monument, we arrive in Athens airport at night to get your flight back home.

SOIL – 0.km; ASPHALT – 405.km

This 8 day Jeep safari to central Greece, the most beautiful and wild mountaineer part of Greece is a unique experience for those people who want to see the hidden part of Greece, to drive off beaten tracks in forest mountains, rivers and lakes and to see traditional villages.


  • The package is also available on Fly and Drive minivan car mode
  • Package can be provided with less days (shorter routes)
  • Tailor made packages upon request
  • Sport activities Rafting, Canoe, Kayak, Mountain Bike, etc upon request



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